Oak Idea Corporation

Oak Idea is a wholesaler and retailer of products such as living room furniture, dining room furniture, barware, kitchenware etc. Our hand-picked designs, low-prices, consistent quality, unique programs have quickly made us one of the fastest growing organizations in the area. Since beginning we have paid very close attention to quality which is one of the main reasons for our growth.

We are a division of the parent company, Grover’s Wholesale, which was established in 1999. The parent company is making a new footprint within the home furnishings industry. We directly import the merchandise from manufacturers, both big and small, from different regions in Europe and Asia. This enables us to cut out any middle-men and keep the costs low. Our sourcing agents seek out specialized artisans that have inherited the skills from generation to generation. India, as an example, is known for hand-carved and hand-crafted skills. We add the contemporary touch and bring these designs from all over the world to your home. This relationship with producers creates a transparency where we confirm that each object (i.e. coffee table) has been passed through stringent quality checks setup by both companies. Our focus primarily remains on consistent quality and hand-picked designs which is a key differentiator.

We, at Oak Idea, feel that by staying nimble we keep the expenses down and hence keep our prices competitive which other mega-retailers cannot do so we can offer merchandise at lower costs. Our parent company’s well-established storage and transportation network gives us the upper hand, which is key to drive the costs down even further. Our company sells through two channels: B2B and B2C. We sell (B2B) to mega-retailers while B2C channel keeps us focused and competitive.

Our tagline, "ideas hammered into designs", isn't just there for marketing. We are fully committed to creating new and innovative ideas and transforming them into tangible designs. Innovation excels us. It is our business model to come up with new design ideas. We welcome any creative ideas regarding the design and in return we provide incentives to the person involved with the design.

Our program “everyone’s a designer”, enables a person to submit their design ideas and if we like the design, we get exclusive rights to that design and in return the person gets the item totally free, including shipping costs. And your name will be mentioned on our website, right next to your design. We encourage everyone to come up with designs because everyone is creative in their own way. So go ahead and let us hammer your idea into design at:

Please note designs that infringe copyrights will be disqualified.

Ariana’s Attic

Ariana’s Attic, our sister company, offers luxury brand in home furnishings. The company has been growing at an incredible pace. The website,, exhibits gorgeous high-end furniture. In order to eliminate risk due to high cost, we only take orders via direct communications excluding online commerce for Ariana’s Attic.

Grover’s Wholesale Inc.

Grover’s Wholesale, our parent company, offers tobacco, confectionery, beverages and many other products to retailers. The company has setup an extensive network in many areas such as vendor management, transportation, prospects and customers etc. which the subsidiary companies take full advantage of. The subsidiaries fully rely upon these already established networks and get up and running from day one. The company has also setup their own franchises (retail stores) and all the merchandise comes from our warehouses so in a way we are our own customers. These franchises are setup all over north-east region of USA, where we are headquartered.